My long term and diverse experience enables me to help clients identify communication opportunities, meet communication challenges, and ensures a permanent communication support.


My extensive and diverse experience enables me to assist my clients in discovering communication opportunities, solving communication challenges and maintaining constant communication support. I strive for the efficiency of communication solutions, which should ultimately produce results in business. I believe that a good story is critical to catching the attention of any audience, and I am sure that good stories can be found or created in every organization.

Once we have a story and we have agreed upon the aims of communication, I can effectively employ a variety of communication approaches and techniques in order to use it to generate effects in a clearly defined group of participants.

I excel at:

    - The design, implementation, and moderation of events,
    - Content marketing,
    - Dialogue with participants via social media and other forms of on-line communication,
    - Working with journalists and editors,
    - Various forms of communicating with and motivating employees,
    - Sponsorship activation,
    - Content creation for promotional use.

If you are missing the standard categories of corporate and commercial communication in the above list, then you are correct: they have been omitted intentionally because I do not believe such categorization even makes sense anymore.