About me


An expert in marketing and communications, an experienced business project manager, and a valued public speaking coach. A well-organized individual who is capable of quick and structured thinking and writing, smart problem solving, and finding solutions in places others might not think to look. A consultant who always takes into account the business and communicative context of her clients. An interlocutor who will firmly but gently push you beyond your comfort zone. I prefer to be involved with my customers from the very beginning of their business or communication opportunity. I am most effective when I am able to help build your strategy from the ground up, however I am also not afraid to get my hands dirty when a project or event needs fixing in its later stages.

I gained my experience with the leading Slovene communication agency Pristop, where I led several integrated communications campaigns for clients in the fields of information and communication technologies (Telekom, Mobitel, Siol), infrastructure and municipal services (Elektro Gorenjska, DARS), and in retail (Mercator). I have also participated in the following projects:

    - The first subsidized mobile phone sale offers (some of you may remember the Ericsson GA 628, priced at 33,333 Slovenian tolars, which was my first mobile phone back in 1997),
    - The Slovenian telephone network number switch in 1999 (I led its communication support project - if you did not notice or cannot remember the number switch, it shows that the support was performed flawlessly),
    - Founding the first Slovenian peer-to-peer project, namely Mobitel’s Klub Voznik Vozniku, where mobile phone users could inform each other about the current road conditions,
    - The beginnings of commercial communications at DARS (encouraging the use of ABC tablets for digital toll payment to shorten the waiting time at toll booths),
    - Several charming commercial communications projects for Mercator,
    - The launch of the on-line business directory bizi.si,
    - The publication of the first smart electric meter project in Slovenia,
    - And many others.

In my role of Head of Corporate Communications at Siemens d.o.o., I became thoroughly acquainted with the corporate world and the structures and processes that are crucial for the functioning of larger systems. I focused on content marketing, an essential tool in supporting business-to-business markets. I familiarized myself with a diverse range of technologies and expanded my business network to encompass new areas (industrial manufacturers, energetics). I have proven that innovative, globally recognizable and award-winning solutions in marketing and corporate communications can be created in even the smallest of regional offices of the Siemens corporation. For example:

    - Project Ljubljana - smart city, in which we used several (unusual but effective) communication platforms to promote technologies and practices pertaining to intelligent urban infrastructure,
    - The Ethos initiative, which promoted business integrity and economic competitiveness as part of UNGC Slovenia.

At Siemens, I was in charge of communications and government relations for the Adriatic region and in this role I successfully completed several projects with multi-disciplinary (the participants were mechanical and electrical engineers, commercial specialists, communicators, economists, researchers and professors) and multi-cultural (hailing from Slovenia, Croatia, BiH, Serbia, Austria and Germany) teams.

My passion is the development of presentation and communication skills in others, as well as myself. It is my firm belief that flawless communication is a key prerequisite for better and more efficient management. I am one of 40 globally licensed Own The Room coaches (www.owntheroom.com) and I hold seminars all over the country. Some of my past audience members include representatives of companies such as Danfoss, Maersk, Merck (MSD), Microsoft, Petrol, and many others.